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Minister Search

We have a unique opportunity for the right individual!

Have you always wanted to be in ministry but since you have an entrepreneurial spirit you were afraid you might be restricted to church work only?  Well here’s the deal.  North Side Christian Church in Oklahoma City, OK is in need of a second part-time ministerial staff member.  Larry Starbuck (Midwest Christian College graduate 1982) is presently serving as the preaching minister as well as working as a REALTOR/Auctioneer.  We need someone to take charge of planning and implementing a program of edification and evangelism.  This is a part-time situation at present but could grow into a full-time ministry as growth occurs. Since Larry doesn’t aspire to become full-time the position could become a Senior or Associate position in the future.  Presently it requires an individual with a pioneer spirit tempered with the maturity of experience willing to fill every minute with sixty seconds worth of distant run.  In other words we’ve got a lot of hard work to do.  Presently the congregation is averaging around 50-55 in our morning worship.  We have presently suspended Sunday School for the purpose of concentrating on a growing Wednesday evening program.  Our facility will handle 150 people with relative ease with plenty of land for expansion and there is no debt.  Larry is willing to continue to preach and work with the congregation as the Elders see fit and as he can positively contribute to the overall program.  Your responsibilities would be to evaluate, plan, prepare, implement and analyze the overall program of evangelism, education, and edification.  A Bible college education would be nice but not our first prerequisite.  A dedication to the understanding of the Scriptures as the inspired Word of God and a lifestyle commitment to leading others to God through Christ using the Scriptures as our main tool is essential.  Some musical abilities would be nice or at least a working knowledge of the dynamics so that you can work smoothly with our present group of talented musicians.  If you’ve read this far then it is obvious that you are up to the challenge and are willing to make a sacrifice to win the world for Christ.   Yes, we are looking for 5 star performances with a 2 star price tag.  However, if you’re looking for a place to make a difference in a multi-cultural environment located in one the fastest growing cities in the United States read on. How much does the position pay? We don’t know but we’ll talk about it when we meet.  You would have to provide a portion of you income through outside work, pension, or mission support.  We will provide as much as possible initially with a pre-agreed upon pattern for increase until you can assume full-time responsibilities or the hiring of full-time ministers.  When are we going to fill the position? As soon as the Lord provides the right individual. Are you interested?  Oklahoma City is a great place to live and grow both for you, your family, and North Side Christian Church.  Send your response to:   Log on to our website at  and see what you think.  Go to the website for other contact information (if you can’t do that then you may not be ready for this position). By the way that website could become your responsibility as well.  All duties, responsibilities, privileges, and financial arrangements will be put in writing to help insure a smooth ministry together. 




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